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4 DIY Nail Art Trends

Alpha Brush

Posted on August 26 2020

If you’ve ever considered doing your own acrylic nails at home or just given yourself a manicure, you’ve probably thought about adding some nail art. It’s a fun way to express yourself, your interests, your favorite colors, or even match your outfit of the day. It’s also a relatively simple addition to your manicure and it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Nail art can really be anything your imagination dreams up. Any embellishments, stickers, nail jewels, designs, or simply different colors of nail polish can be used to create your own fanciful look. It’s easy to find embellishments and stickers online, and of course Alpha Brush can fulfill all of your brush needs with our nail art brushes. Once you’ve come up with your design or found a tutorial and gather all your embellishments, polishes, and tools, you’re ready to create your own nail art. 

What are some popular trends in nail art these days? There are so many, but if you’re just beginning you may want to start with less complicated designs that don’t require the skill of a neurosurgeon. 

1. Nail jewels - Nail jewels come in all kinds of shapes and colors, just like gemstones and diamonds. They add sparkle and pizzazz to your manicure. Whether you bedazzle just one nail or want to make a statement with a full set of glitzed-up nails, you’ll create a big visual impact and people will be complimenting you all day long. 

(Nails by:

2. Stickers - Nail stickers are a super easy way to add detail and style to your manicure. They usually come on sheets and are easily removed and applied with tweezers. All you need to do is press them down firmly and paint over the entire nail with a clear top coat. There are infinite designs so you can have nail stickers for every occasion, season, or just for fun. 

(Nails by: @beglamorousnails)

3. Nail stencils - Nail stencils are exactly what they sound like:  tiny stencils you place on your nails to make designs in different colors, the same way you might stencil letters on a sign. So many options exist, it’s easy to find any stencil you’re looking for to create your design. 

(Nails by: @bruisedupdollie)

4. Freehand art - If you’re especially good at painting and detail work, you may want to try freehanding a pretty flower or butterfly or other design on your nails. You’ll need liner and detail brushes for this, and a steady hand. Have your colors ready and be sure to let your design dry as you build different colors. Use a clear top coat when you’re finished to protect your work.

(Nails by: @getnailed32)

Enjoy your DIY nail art, and if you’re using Alpha Brushes, take pic and tag us on Instagram

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