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5 Benefits of Gel Nails

Alpha Brush

Posted on July 23 2020

Have you ever considered a gel manicure?  The process uses a gel made of pre-mixed polymer, a monomer gel, and a photoinitiator which is activated by UV curing under an ultraviolet lamp. Many people are choosing this option over acrylic nails for a more natural and long-lasting manicure. Gels can be applied to either long or short nails so they appeal to a wide range of people and tastes.

1. Gel nails feel more natural - Because of the very thin layers of base coat and polish applied to each nail and due to the fact that there is no powder/gel mix like that of acrylic nails, a gel manicure looks and feels more natural. If you’re going for a more subtle look or you just like the appearance of a natural nail, a gel manicure fits the bill.

2. Gel nails dry immediately - There is no wait time after a gel manicure because once the formula is applied to nails and cured it dries immediately. Gone are the days of reaching into your handbag for your keys or phone and damaging your fresh manicure. You can get up from the manicurist station and be off to your next appointment or back to work right away.

3. Gel manicures stay shiny and the color doesn’t fade - Regular manicures tend to fade with wear and time, and they lose their beautiful shine after a couple of days simply from everyday activities. Gel manicures keep their glossy shine and the polish color doesn’t fade so your nails stay looking fresh until your next appointment.

4. Gel manicures last longer than a regular manicure - Gel manicures typically last 2-3 weeks. If you’re lucky you can get about 7-10 days out of a regular manicure, depending on how much you “baby” your hands and nails. Most people find that with regular wear, however, a gel manicure lasts much longer than that, sometimes up to 3 weeks!

5. Gel nails do not emit an odor like that of acrylic nails - Gel nails have no chemical odor like that of acrylics. Who wants to have chemical-smelling hands and nails? Probably no one. Some people are even allergic to acrylic chemicals and others are simply very sensitive to the fumes and odors created by the chemical mix. Gel nails are a great way to avoid those issues. 

    Now that you know some benefits of gel manicures, you may be ready to have gel nails applied in your favorite nail salon, or you may be ambitious enough to try them at home. Alpha Brush can supply all your gel nail brush needs with our line of capped gel brushes.  See our previous post on tips and tricks of DIY gel nails at home for more information. Happy gelling! 

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