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5 Tips for Healthy Natural Nails

Alpha Brush

Posted on July 02 2019

Have you ever thought to yourself, what can I do to make my natural nails healthy?

Well, we're here to give you 5 tips to healthier natural nails!

    1. Keep your hands clean -

    Be sure that the skin around your nails is clean and that no excess dirt is on your hands. If you're doing any type of outside work such as gardening, wear gloves! This goes for when you're washing dishes as well. You never know what bacteria may be lingering on dirty dishes or in your garden.

    2. Keep your nails trimmed/trim your nails often -

    If you struggle to keep your nails long because you're constantly bumping or hitting them, it's best to have your nails trimmed down. Bumping and hitting them can cause breaks and when you break a nail, you're at risk for an infection.

    3. Keep your nail tools clean -

    Whether you use nail clippers, cuticle clippers, or even just a nail file, make sure these items are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Using unclean nail tools, or a nail tool that may have been used on someone else, can cause a possible infection, and you don't want that!

    4. Do not pick at your cuticles -

    It's no good to bite and pick at your cuticles, or to even clip them if you don't properly know how. It's very easy to accidentally clip too much of your cuticle, and cause yourself to bleed. This is an easy way to cause an irritation and infection. Your best bet with dry and peeling cuticles, is to moisturize with lotion or cuticle oil.

    5. Eat a healthy diet -

    For healthy, strong nails, it's best to keep up a diet of high protein rich foods, as well as incorporate certain supplements (Vitamin E, Fish Oil and Biotin). If you have any type of vitamin deficiency, your nails will certainly show it. You might begin to notice white spots on your nails, as well as your nails being weak.

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