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5 Ways to Care for Your Hands

Alpha Brush

Posted on September 24 2020

Chances are that if you wear acrylic or gel nails, you’re accustomed to beautiful and interesting manicures. You probably also are well aware of the ins and outs of caring for your nails between sets and minimizing damage to your nail beds and cuticles. But what about the skin on your hands themselves? With all the extra hand washing going on these days due to COVID-19, it’s easy to neglect your skin care routine on your hands. Most of us slap on some lotion and call it a day but we don’t always have access to a good moisturizer in a public washroom. 

If you want to avoid wrinkling and unsightly age spots for as long as possible, a great skin care routine for your hands is essential. Hands tend to get really dry from all the activities we do during the day as well as washing them frequently. Using hand sanitizer is probably the most dehydrating thing we can do to our hands since it contains alcohol. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can hydrate your hands and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

1. Wear sunscreen - No matter what your skin tone is, you need to wear a moisturizer with sunscreen in it every day. Even just a few minutes in the sun can cause damage to skin and our hands are typically uncovered, especially in warmer months and climates. All of those few minutes here, few minutes there cumulate into a faster aging process, and no one wants that. 

2. Moisturize every time you wash your hands - Just like you’re used to carrying hand sanitizer with you at all times now, you should make a habit of carrying a good moisturizer with sunscreen in it for daily use. Every time you wash your hands, remember to slather on that moisturizer.

3. Wear gloves to bed - Yes, this one sounds a bit crazy, but it’s effective. Aim for a night once a week or so to put on a thicker moisturizer and wear a pair of cotton or gel reusable moisturizing gloves while you sleep. The gloves help your skin absorb your moisturizer; what a perfect way to multi-task while you’re dreaming. Oh, and in case you can’t sleep? Some even come with touch screen capability.

4. Use a Hand Mask - Who doesn’t love a good face mask treatment? Now you can enjoy a mask for your hands as well. They’re easy to find online and in drug stores, grocers, and cosmetic stores and come in lovely flavors like milk and honey or shea butter, and some are even infused with keratin or collagen

5. Use a peel or serum - If there’s an external body part in existence, there’s a peel or serum for it, and hands are no exception. You may need to visit your dermatologist, but over the counter versions of peels and serums are available as well. Some include retinol, some are made with AHAs (alpha hydroxyl) which tends to make skin more sensitive to sunlight--make sure to wear that sunscreen--and some include hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring sugar found in our skin that holds water. 

Your grandmother or mother may have taught you the importance of moisturizing your hands properly, but chances are there have been many advancements in products since she perfected her own skin care routine. Make sure to do your research and start your own so your hands look just as beautiful as your acrylic or gel manicure.

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