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Acrylic Brush Shapes and Uses

Alpha Brush

Posted on August 07 2019


Have you always wondered the best brush to use, for the job you're doing? 

Wonder no more! We're here to let you know the best uses for our acrylic brushes. If you have a question about a brush not mentioned, leave your question in our comments!


Oval Brush -
An Oval is essentially the same as a round brush, with the exception that at the top of the ferrule the brush is pressed. The brush being pressed makes it a bit flatter as well as easier to pick up a bead of acrylic. Just as the round brush, it’s quite easy to get into the cuticle area as the brush comes to a point.


Round Brush - 

Many nail techs use a round brush because it can not only be used to lay and flatten acrylic, but it can be used to reach the cuticle as well due to the brush coming to a point. Round brushes also tend to hold more liquid in the bristles which makes it easier to grab a larger bead of acrylic.

French Kolinsky *Smile Line Brush* -
This brush is used for exactly what the name says. It makes the process of doing a smile line in a French manicure much easier, as well as being a great brush to clean up the cuticle area.

Flat Brush -
Technicians say that flat brushes are best used for applying smaller amounts of acrylic near the cuticle/nail beds. Just like the French Brush, this Brush can also be used for cleaning up around the cuticle area.


Short Oval Brush -
Short Oval brushes are known for the fine details they can create when working on 3-D designs and any kind of sculpted work.

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