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Posted on January 12 2021

At Alpha Brush, we like to have fun while we work, so today let’s play a round of “would you rather.” Would you rather stick to your student brushes forever or step up to the next level with some Kolinsky models? (The answer is Kolinsky, of course.) Next, would you rather have excellent performance with an affordable price point, or, stick to your old faithful student brushes? Finally, would you rather have several brushes with fun and beautifully colored handles or your same old in-your-comfort-zone student brushes? We’re pretty sure we know your answers. 

So guess what? We have a line of Alpha Allure brushes specifically tailored to your needs as a nail tech or DIY nail enthusiast who is looking to level up from our student brush line. Don’t act so surprised--we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what our customers want and need. Our brushes are designed to help you do the most.

At Alpha Brush, we make sure we’re responding to your requests and providing you with the best tools in your price range to make your nail tech work as professional as it can be. If you do your own nails we want you to have the proper tools so you can achieve professional-looking results every time. 

When you’re looking to replace your student brushes by leveling up, we’ve developed a line of nail brushes specifically for you. Our Alpha Allure Kolinsky brushes have pretty colored handles and offer excellent performance at an affordable price.

Our Alpha Allure Gel brushes are amazing as well, and have the same attributes as their Kolinsky sisters from the same line. Check them out today, grab a few to try out, and see how great these next-level brushes work! 

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