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Alpha Brush Beginner: Acrylics and Gels

Alpha Brush

Posted on July 16 2020

When we think about starter acrylics or DIY gels or acrylics, you might think about big-box retailers, beauty supply stores, or wherever you could get your hands on materials when you were a teen. Times have changed and now it seems like everyone is doing their own acrylic or gel nails due to being quarantined because of COVID-19. 

Have you ever actually tried to do your own acrylics or gel nails? If you have, good for you! Alpha Brush has every brush you need for your DIY acrylics and gels. If you haven’t, but you’re thinking about doing your own nails, read on for some helpful tips.

Acrylic Nails
Today’s acrylic sets are made easier by using nail forms. These are reusable clear forms that you use as a guide to form your acrylic nail. They take some practice but can be mastered by an at-home beginner. Grab some nail tips to help form your first set or two; after you get the hang of the nail forms you can skip this step. 

You’ll also need an at-home acrylics and liquids kit as well as whatever nail polish you enjoy wearing. Then it’s tool time. To form the nail with the acrylic/liquid mix, you’ll need a brush; we recommend our Oval Kolinsky. Other necessary tools are an acrylic file and a cuticle pusher/cleaner. If you decide to get creative with any nail art, Alpha Brush has an entire line of nail art brushes

Gel Nails
Key products here are a curing lamp, gel nail brushes, base gel, builder gel, nail forms, nail file and rubbing alcohol

These can be tricky and come out a mess, so here are are the basics: Starting with clean nails, properly put on and place your nail form. Once this has been done, apply a super thin layer of base coat gel. The key here is making this layer seriously super thin and really get it in your nail, just be sure not to get this on the skin. After this has been cured, you'll then apply your builder gel and create the general shape of the nail you want. Once you have your shape, you'll flash cure the nail. As this will not make the gel fully hard, you'll have the ability to bend the nail and give it a perfect natural curve. After you have the curve you like, you'll cure that nail fully to keep the shape. Continue to build up your gel to its desired thickness, and finish off with curing it. To complete your Gel set, wipe this down with rubbing alcohol and file into the exact desired shape!

The important takeaways here are to use thin layers and make sure not to get gel on your cuticles. Alpha Brush has designed an entire line of gel nail brushes as well as our Alpha Allure line. We hope you learned some valuable tips today for doing your own acrylic or gel nails at home!

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