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Alpha Brush - Brush Kits

Alyssa Tapper

Posted on November 05 2020

If you’ve started your journey to becoming a nail technician, doing your nails at home, or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll need the right tools. But how do you know what to start out with or how to round out your collection? 

Opt for a brush kit instead of individual or piecemeal brushes and tools.

When you’re just starting out you may not want to invest a ton of money into individual brushes because you’ll develop a sense of what works best for you over time. A beginner brush kit including a Nail Art Detail Brush, Oval Kolinsky Brush for applying and blending acrylic, a Nail Art Mini Striper Brush, and a glass nail file is a good choice because it isn’t a huge investment either in money or number of tools. 

Now let’s say you’ve completed your nail technician training, done your own acrylics for some time, and practiced on all your friends. At this point, you’re ready for intermediate level tools, such as a more extensive brush collection. If you already have a beginner brush kit, you can simply add the Nail Art 3D #4 brush. If not, consider an intermediate brush kit that includes this one--it’s great for molding acrylic and has an exacting point that helps you really fine-tune nail art details. 

Advanced level nail technicians will find everything they need to make amazing acrylics and nail art with an advanced brush kit. Including the Oval Kolinsky #10 that’s a favorite among our Cutie-cle Members, as well as the French Brush #6 for the smile line, plus a Mini Striper and Liner Brush, an advanced kit allows you to get as intricate and detailed as your client likes. Instead of buying individual brushes one by one, a brush kit is the way to go no matter what your experience and skill level might currently be.

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