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How to break in your Brushes

Alpha Brush

Posted on May 06 2019

So, you've bought some of the best Kolinsky nail brushes on the do you break them in?

1. Start by taking the plastic cover off your brush. Throw that plastic cover out and never attempt to put it back onto your brush.

2. Take the brush and gently apply pressure to the head of the brush on a paper towel. You will be able to feel the starch break. Gently roll the head of the brush on the paper towel.

3. You will then need to get the left over residue out. The best way to do this is to gently flick the head of your brush. You will see the residue coming out, it looks like fine dust particles. Do this until you don't see any more particles.

4. The final step is to run your brush, bristles down, under WARM water. Running your brush under HOT water will cause damage to the hair. Gently run your fingers through the hair of the brush to remove any excess starch. Shape your brush into Oval, Round or Flat shape, and allow to fully dry. That's it!! Enjoy your Alpha Brush!


Video by Cass (@casanailvaa)

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