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COVID-19’s Effect on Nail Salons

Alpha Brush

Posted on July 01 2020

Since the spread of COVID-19 has caused restrictions and even shutdowns of nail salons, a lot has changed as far as the salon experience. Maintaining a manicure and taking pride in nail design and polish changes can be a large part of a person’s identity. When the shutdowns began, many were left wondering when they’d get their next fill, color change, or just a simple mani. 

Now that reopening has begun, some things in salons have changed drastically, while others have been more subtle. Most salons now are by appointment only with no walk-ins allowed. Clients may be asked to leave personal items like cellphones and handbags in their vehicles. Some states recommend health screenings at the door such as temperature-taking. Pre-payment for services is gaining more traction during the enhanced social distancing and hygiene policies to avoid handling cash and cards and cut down on congregating in waiting areas.

Obviously masks are one of our most important defenses against the virus, and many salon workers already wear masks to protect themselves from inhaling chemicals all day long, but now it’s recommended that they wear gloves as well as a face shield and even put up plastic shields between client and manicurist at each station. Nail salons have always followed rigorous sanitation procedures, and at this point, they’ve doubled down on their efforts. But all of these precautions can make clients feel like the experience is impersonal, too sterile, uninviting, and just plain inconvenient. 

So now that salons are much harder to get into and people are staying at home, how are the good people of the world getting their nails done? Some of us are talented enough to do our own nails, right? Let’s take a look at how the world is coping without their favorite manicurist available every two weeks, or deciding that the hassle of extra precautions due to Covid-19 just isn’t worth it:

#quarantinenails has been trending on Instagram--if you need inspiration for amazing nail colors and patterns and shapes, just follow the #quarantinenails hashtag on Insta. You’ll find myriad designs and new accounts to follow. Being cut off from a part of your social support system--many people consider their manicurist a friend and confidante--can be disheartening and social media can help one feel connected again to those with similar interests. 

Some have made the choice to use the time of quarantine, social distancing, and working from home to give their natural nails a break from acrylics and other treatments. Others choose to do their own gel manicures by ordering their own gel manicure kits complete with LED lights. The most difficult part of all of this isn’t necessarily “doing” your own nails--it’s typically removing your old gel mani or acrylic nails. Be sure to search for and study up on how to properly remove each and make sure you have the correct tools for removal, otherwise you risk injury. Some nail salons have even put together DIY kits for acrylics, dips, and regular manicures for their clients, which has helped businesses and clients alike. 

For those dexterous and courageous enough to attempt their own manicures at home, Alpha Brush has all of your nail brush needs covered, including our famous Oval Kolinsky brushes. Don’t forget to follow Alpha Brush on Instagram for cool pics, tips, and tricks! 

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