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Redesign Nails Using ONLY Acrylic

Alyssa Tapper

Posted on October 21 2020

Have you ever thought about using only acrylic product to redesign a set of nails? Cutie-cle member Natali Carmona is serving not only a pink and purple ombre redesign on an existing set of acrylics; she’s also showing a complete tutorial of how to achieve the look using only acrylic and no nail polish. 

When doing a fill-in and a fresh look for your clients, it’s possible to only use acrylic and colored dip powder to achieve a whole new style. All you need to do is mix up your preferred dip colors, grab whatever embellishments you like, and you have everything you need for a brand new design. 

Check out Natali’s tutorial in this video. She offers many pro tips to help you do a great redesign. One key takeaway is that in order to achieve a successful acrylic-only, no polish redesign is to work with just a little bit of product at a time. She uses Alpha Brush Oval Kolinsky #10, her go-to brush for many of the tutorials she posts on her channel. 

When finished applying product she stresses the importance of spending a little more time using your drill bit to file around the cuticle to make sure there won’t be any lift. Carmona says when she was first starting to do nails it took lots of practice and patience to get comfortable with this step because she was worried about cutting her clients; she says to slow down your e-file if necessary until you really get the hang of it. 

Natali offers plenty of other advice throughout her tutorial and links to all products used in the description. We hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as we did!

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