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Mobile Nail Technicians vs. Nail Salon Technicians

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Posted on June 25 2019

I bet a lot of Nail Techs who work in salons, wish they could work from home or travel to their clients.

I bet a lot of Nail techs who work from home or travel to their clients, wish they could work in a salon.

They always say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

Today were going to talk a bit about the pros and cons of working from a salon, as well as the pros and cons of working from home or being a mobile tech.

As a Mobile Nail Tech:

      • You build your schedule. You make the choice when you want to work: what time and days.
      • Due to being in charge of your own schedule, clients don’t have to show up and wait for appointments. They are already booked and know exactly when to arrive.
      • You have the opportunity to work from anywhere. Whether it is in the comfort of your own home, you have a mobile nail vehicle, or if you choose to go to your clients home/business.
      • You don’t have to worry if you’ll get along with your coworkers or have to worry about a boss. You are your own boss.
      • You can make the decision if you want to offer certain services such as pedicures, if you choose to only do acrylic nails and not regular polish, or if you offer 3D nail art.
      • If you work from home, it is possible that due to being in a shared space it may be a bit distracting.
      • If clients are late, it can cause a delay for all of your clients that have appointments after.


    As a Salon Nail Tech:

        • If you are a mobile nail tech you are constantly having to travel and bring ALL of your things with you. Being in a salon allows you to have the same set up each day, without the worry of forgetting things.
        • If you are working at a well-known salon, or even somewhere with heavy foot traffic, you may be given clients due to how busy the salon is.
        • If an issue arises with a payment or a customer doesn’t show up for an appointment, you can rely on the salon for a bit of guidance.
        • It can become a bit congested working side by side other nail techs if each tech has a client.
        • You may not get along with all of the people you work with.


      If you have any pros/cons of working from a salon, or working from home/being a mobile technician that you'd like to share, tell us in the comments!

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