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Spotlight: Cutie-cle Member Casandra Carrillo

Alpha Brush

Posted on January 21 2021

Casandra became a nail technician in 2017. Her goal has always been to help and inspire others on their nail journey and provide nail artists with the support she wishes she had when she first started. Casandra has always used Alpha brushes and is confident that Alpha is the best quality nail brush. She specializes in acrylic, gel, and gel-x manicures and uses Alpha brushes to make them 100% professional. 

Casandra, AKA Casanailvaa, may not have a YouTube channel to post long tutorials or give you a thousand links to every single product she uses, but her Facebook videos will blow you away. They’re short and to-the-point, with fun up-tempo music. 

Casandra did a ton of research on best nail brushes and has come so far she makes recommendations now and people listen. Her favorites are the Alpha Brush size 12 oval Kolinsky, size 8 oval Kolinsky, 3D brush, French brush, size 6 oval gel brush, liner, and detail art brush. Her gel nails are on point and her acrylic sets are to die for thanks to major talent and great tools. 

Tending to embrace a more monochromatic approach to nail color, Casandra works in both gel and acrylic and showcases both long and shorter nail sets on her Instagram. Based in Hanford, California, she has recently dealt with the challenges of Covid-19’s effects on small business, as well as starting a family with her husband during the unforeseen events of 2020. Still, she perseveres and follows her passion for nails, and continues to show her work and provide followers with helpful motivational posts on her Instagram. We can’t wait to see how far she’ll go as an established nail tech who really loves what she does! 

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