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Spring 2020 Nail Trends

Alpha Brush

Posted on March 13 2020

Spring is finally here which means it’s time to dust off those winter blues and refresh those drab nail designs! We know there are always so many new designs, with not enough time in the season to try them all. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite spring nail trends just for you! We hope you get inspired by some of our 2020 picks!

PastelsPastels are always a good choice when it comes to spring! If you’re seeking a pick me up that’s refreshing after those gloomy winter months yet not too bold, these nails may be what you’re looking for.


Photo: @Casanailvaa 

Marble Nails Marble nails are aesthetically pleasing and flow so nicely. They’re like a light breeze on a beautiful spring day. You can even use bold colors in your marble nail design to create a more subtle outcome. 

Photo: @getnailed32

Pressed FlowersWho doesn’t love florals? Let’s be honest, flowers ALWAYS work for spring. It’s just a bonus that you can use them to give you nail look some extra flair. Whether you choose to use real flowers or faux flowers, there’s so many options.

Photo: @getnailed32 

Photo: @beglamorousnails

Holographic Tips – The holographic trend is perfect for this time of year. They’re full of colorful rainbows, don’t you know the saying “I couldn't afford the pot of gold, so I got you the rainbow instead!” Add a muted base and you have a beautiful pearlescent tint. These nails are guaranteed outshine the classic French tip!

Photo: @allthatglitterzispink

Photo: @beglamorousnails

Colorful Decals – Are you looking for a design that is full of life? Try adding some decals to create a cutesy look! You can never go wrong with butterflies and fruit, especially during the spring time. Don’t let these fun decals fly by!

Photo: @longhairprettynails

Photo: @naileedbynana


Nude Ombré NailsAlthough it’s a simple look, ombré nails are always a hit during this season. This nail designs can be easily matched with any outfit and you can always add some subtle colors for extra pizzazz! If you really want to add extra shine, don’t forget to throw some nail jewels in there!

Photo: @beglamorousnails 

Photo: @allthatglitterzispink

Photo: @beglamorousnails

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