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St. Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas

Alpha Brush

Posted on March 04 2021

It’s that time of year again when the Chicago River is dyed green, corned beef and cabbage is what’s for dinner, and party people drink green beer. St. Patrick’s Day is one of those fun holidays that really celebrates not only the saint himself, but getting into the spirit of the Irish. You don’t have to be Irish or religious to partake in the traditions, like wearing green or walking in a parade (post-Covid, that is). One great way to express yourself on and around St. Patrick’s Day is with your nail art. 

Sure, you can get a pretty green manicure, maybe add some green and gold glitter, but why stop there? We’re not saying dye your hair like Billie Eilish’s green roots, but a fun set of St. Patrick’s Day nails might cover you if you don’t want to wear (nor own) green clothing. Social distancing might keep you from getting pinched this year, but to play it safe why not give green nails a try?

As far as nail art, the possibilities are endless! We mentioned glitter, of course, but there’s green bling, stickers, or designs like shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns, and rainbows. You could even have the letters spelling “good luck” stenciled onto your fingernails and do a shamrock and pot of gold on your thumbnails. While a standard kelly green is the typical St. Patrick’s Day hue, don’t let that stop you from getting creative with neon greens, apple greens, emeralds, or mints. 

If you’re doing your own manicures, be sure to check out our detail brushes! Tag us on Instagram when you post your St. Patrick’s Day nail art so we can admire your work. Sláínte!

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