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Things To Know When Beginning Your Nail Journey

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Posted on June 18 2019

When starting out your journey to become a Nail Tech, I’m sure you wished you had some tips and tricks to look back at!

We want to help beginner nail technicians become as successful as can be in this industry, and whatever information we can gather, we’re happy to share!

Here are a few things we feel would be important for you to know when beginning your journey -

    • In order to be successful in any industry, especially this one, you have to invest in your career.
      • This could mean investing your money, and of course your time. Practice makes perfect and the more time put into you career, the better!
    • Start to build your portfolio as soon as possible.
      • When it comes to having a portfolio, it’s very important to show the different things you can do. You may enjoy doing long stiletto nails, but it’s extremely important to show what you are capable of. Not everyone likes the same things when it comes to having their nails done.
      • Having a portfolio that is accessible from anywhere at any time will benefit you a lot! You may be better off creating a website where all of your information will be located at once, pricing for your services, along with your portfolio, and information about yourself.
    • You can never stop learning. Keep yourself up to date on the latest products, and nail trends.
      • To keep yourself up to date you can subscribe to nail magazines, beauty blogs, and YouTube channels. You can follow different Instagram profiles, follow Instagram hashtags, and check out Pinterest for new upcoming ideas. 
    • It’s always better to have a backup income when you are just starting out.
      • Most nail technicians won’t be able to keep a consistent income at the start of their career. It takes a bit of time, due to building your clientele, and not to mention gaining industry experience in general.
    • Know the area that you decide to work in.
      • We know in some cases that the circumstances may not allow for you to work where you choose, and you make have to travel for your job. This may make it harder for you to know what style of nails and what kind of work you will be focusing on. Make sure you are doing your research when looking for a location to work at or out of.
    • Be comfortable in the environment you choose to work in.
      • If you are someone who is aware they cannot work with a lot of other people, a salon may not be the best environment for you. It’s your responsibility to make sure you work in a place that you have the ability to grow in.

    These nail techs are always practicing and growing and we love being a part of it!

    Check out some of these glow ups below!


    Natali - @GetNailed32

    Before:   After:


    Bernie - @Berniestips

    Before:   After: 


    Femi -

    Before:   After: 


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