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Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Alpha Brush

Posted on January 28 2021

Whether you’re staying at home the entire month of February to hibernate or you’re determined to get out and about (socially distanced, of course) and show off your V-Day manicure wearing fingerless gloves, it’s a great time of year to express yourself with nail art. Sure, you could stick with a classic solid red or pink nail, but it’s much more fun in the middle of winter to add some creativity to your mani and pedi. We have some fun ideas for DIY or professional designs for the season of love that work great with Alpha nail art brushes.

X’s and O’s, hearts, rose motifs, there are a lot of pretty typical or standard designs to add to your nails for Valentine’s Day. However, you can get a little more subtle if that manicure is going to last through February with other, more neutral designs. A super tiny red heart painted onto an accent nail over a pale pink base is a sweet and inconspicuous nod to the holiday. Low on maintenance, high on style and sophistication. 

A Queen of Hearts design is perfect for the card game or Alice in Wonderland lover in you. Red, black, and white nails form the base of this classic combo; add hearts and glitter and voilà! If you’re playing poker or spades this time of year, your nails will be the talk of the table. If you’re in healthcare, (thank you front-liners!) consider adding a heart rate baseline to your accent nail to show off your career choice.

Sometimes it’s all about the bling, baby. If you want a totally dazzling, sparkly set of nails for Valentine’s Day, why not go all out with heart-shaped bling and textured embellishments that look like candy? If “more is more” is your motto, or your client’s, it’s time to pull out all the stops, paint those nails red, pink, and white, and cover them with coordinating Valentine’s-inspired bling. Nails so sweet, you’ll have them eating out of your hands. 

Gel manicures are also a fabulous way to get into the Valentine’s Day vibe. A simple red with a light pink accent nail is perfect for February. Throw in some heart nail art for some extra holiday spirit. 

Let’s say you’re not exactly the traditional type who prefers super-girly pinks and bows and last-century femininity. How about a sick, slightly wicked matte black mani with a few strategically placed hearts? Possibly chop those hearts in half with jagged edges!

Red, glitter, and a simple on-theme motif. Nothing over-the-top, just a simple formula guaranteed to jazz up your hands and look chic. It’s not necessary to follow any particular design example; feel free to put your own spin on this manicure. Gray base nails, silver glitter, fuschia instead of red...the options and combinations are endless.

Alpha Brush covers all of your needs for nail art brushes. We have detailers, fans, liners, stripers, and mini stripers, all on 5” pearl white handles for total precision--we even offer these as a set. We offer 3-D Kolinsky nail art brushes that retain their exacting points no matter what. Check out all of our nail art brushes and stock up on individuals or sets. Don’t forget to tag us @alpha_brush and use #alphabrush in your posts--we love our nail techs, DIYr’s, and we love seeing your beautiful work! 

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