Flat Kolinsky Brushes

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Real nail professionals know every great brush has a thousand uses. When you see an Alpha Brush Flat Kolinsky Brushes, you know already know it’s going to be a workhorse. Made from 100 percent kolinksy hair, these brushes will set your imagination alight with acrylic-perfecting possibilities. Plus, right when you need it, it can double as a cuticle pusher, too. This a choose your own adventure brush, an epiphany brush, a get this job right now brush. And it will perform: the kolinsky hairs keep their shape better than nearly anything. Once you touch the 6” clear acrylic handle, you’ll instantly feel confident that you can conquer any job. Because, as we said before, it’s a great brush. Professional quality, perfect price: You know Alpha Brush has got your back. Order today and treat yourself to the best.

Flat Kolinsky Brushes

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