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  • Capped Oval Kolinsky's

    Pressed at the top of the ferrule, these Oval Kolinksy Brushes have a slightly flatter belly that’s perfect for constructing smooth acrylic overlays.

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    The high quality golden taklon fibers are the top of their class, providing a dexterous control uncommon in shaping gel brushes.

  • The Oval Kolinsky

    Alpha Brush’s Oval Kolinsky Brushes are made to withstand the tough stuff. After all, you work hard, your tools should too, right?

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St. Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas

It’s that time of year again when the Chicago River is dyed green, corned beef and cabbage is what’s for dinner, and party people drink green beer. St. Patrick’s Day is one of those fun holidays that really celebrates not only the saint himself, but getting into the spirit of the Irish. You don’t have to be Irish or religious to partake in t...

Acrylic Nails and Black History Month

While Black History is not contained to one month, it does serve as a good reminder to explore, recognize, and celebrate. In honor of Black History Month, we’re talking about acrylic nails and how Black women contributed their artistic style to the world of nails. There has been much discussion of late about current nail trends steal...

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Whether you’re staying at home the entire month of February to hibernate or you’re determined to get out and about (socially distanced, of course) and show off your V-Day manicure wearing fingerless gloves, it’s a great time of year to express yourself with nail art. Sure, you could stick with a classic solid red or pink n...