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  • Capped Oval Kolinsky's

    Pressed at the top of the ferrule, these Oval Kolinksy Brushes have a slightly flatter belly that’s perfect for constructing smooth acrylic overlays.

  • Alpha Brush Kits

    Check out our Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Complete Nail Art Kit kits made specially for you!


    The high quality golden taklon fibers are the top of their class, providing a dexterous control uncommon in shaping gel brushes.

  • The Oval Kolinsky

    Alpha Brush’s Oval Kolinsky Brushes are made to withstand the tough stuff. After all, you work hard, your tools should too, right?

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5 Holiday Nail Trends for 2020

The 2020 holiday season will be a lot different this year, so why not try a new color or design and break away from the tired old typical holiday colors? Those hot chocolate or latte selfies could use a refresh anyway. Check out these five different holiday nail trends that will make a big impact at your smaller-than-usual (hopefully) holiday get-togeth..

Cutie-cle Spotlight: Femi Beauty

Femi Beauty focuses on bright colors and cute, girly styles of nail art. She is self-taught via watching other nail artists’ videos on YouTube, and has her own channel now. Femi Beauty has detailed tutorials on tons of nail extensions from start to finish so aspiring nail techs or those who just want to do their own nails at home can get ideas and bu...

Alpha Brush Kits

If you’ve started your journey to becoming a nail technician, doing your nails at home, or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll need the right tools. But how do you know what to start out with or how to round out your collection? Opt for a brush kit instead of individual or piecemeal brushes and tools. When you’re just starting out yo...