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    The name is no accident. We've always intended to be the first in line. Since 1984, handmade brushes have been our obsession.

  • The Fan Brush

    Grab your fan brush and "smear" the colors together for a sweeping effect. This brush can also used to scoop glitter and sprinkle over the nail


    The high quality golden taklon fibers are the top of their class, providing a dexterous control uncommon in shaping gel brushes.

  • The Liner Brush

    Short enough in length to give you more control when laying down lines, but stiff enough to use for minor detail work!

  • The Oval Kolinsky

    Alpha Brush’s Oval Kolinsky Brushes are made to withstand the tough stuff. After all, you work hard, your tools should too, right?

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5 Nail Shape Trends

Every few years or so, trends in what’s considered an attractive nail shape start to shift and change as people come to adopt fresh new looks. It’s a relatively simple way to modernize your style without revamping your entire wardrobe, and if you become tired of the latest nail shape trend it’s easy to go back to a more classic shape.

5 Benefits of Gel Nails

Have you ever considered a gel manicure?  The process uses a gel made of pre-mixed polymer, a monomer gel, and a photoinitiator which is activated by UV curing under an ultraviolet lamp. Many people are choosing this option over acrylic nails for a more natural and long-lasting manicure. Gels can be applied to either long or short nails so they appeal to a wide range of people and tastes.

Alpha Brush Beginner: Acrylics and Gels

Have you ever actually tried to do your own acrylics or gel nails? If you have, good for you! Alpha Brush has every brush you need for your DIY acrylics and gels. If you haven’t, but you’re thinking about doing your own nails, read on for some helpful tips.