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3-D Brushes & Their Uses

Alyssa Tapper

Posted on September 16 2020

A 3-D nail brush is great for any detail work with acrylic. Laying down large areas of acrylic such as floral designs can be a challenge but using the right type of brush helps tremendously. Designs are best created with a super durable brush made of 100% Kolinsky hair, that has an exacting point for accuracy and a shorter handle that makes it easy to manipulate when making intricate designs. 3-D flower petals are way easier using a 3-D brush; pick up your bead and lay it down, flatten it out, and even add another color to create more depth. 

Making 3-D nail art with 3-D nail brushes gives a set of acrylic nails extra glamour because the nail now has a raised design on its surface making it even more visually interesting than a flat, 2-D sticker or design. Rhinestones and other objects like pre-formed flowers have their place, but creating your own 3-D designs really shows off your nail art talent and gives a beautiful, organic feel to nails. 

 The best brush to use is a 3-D Kolinsky nail art brush so you can have the best control over your acrylic beads with its fine point and ability to keep its shape. The point helps you pick up the bead and lay it down, then you can use the body of the brush to flatten parts of the petals or spread them out. You can also use the point to drag the acrylic down from the outer edge of the petal in, and you can etch additional design details with that point to create even more of a realistic effect. Whether you’re an experienced nail technician or a consumer who simply wants to DIY their own acrylic nail art at home, 3-D brushes are the best choice hands-down. 


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