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5 Nail Shape Trends

Alpha Brush

Posted on July 31 2020

Every few years or so, trends in what’s considered an attractive nail shape start to shift and change as people come to adopt fresh new looks. It’s a relatively simple way to modernize your style without revamping your entire wardrobe, and if you become tired of the latest nail shape trend it’s easy to go back to a more classic shape. Experimenting with different acrylic and gel nail shapes and lengths is fun and fresh manicures with lots of style can make this time of loungewear and social distancing a bit more exciting and help you feel like you’re still maintaining that contemporary look everyone is used to seeing you in. 

Trending now -
What shapes are trending now and in recent times, and how do you decide which shape and length is best for you? Coffin, stiletto, almond, square, oval, squoval, super long, short and no fuss, or medium length and classic styles have all had their moments. 

There are a couple of factors that might guide your decision on acrylic or gel nail shapes besides what your eye is drawn to. Since many people are working from home now and not being seen in the office or meeting face to face with clients or traveling for work, you can get as creative as you like, or stay super classic and simple. 

Dramatic Arguably the most dramatic nail shape is one called “stiletto.” This shape definitely requires acrylic or gel overlays to have the strength to survive wear and tear. The sides of this long nail are dramatically tapered and end in a point. (Nails by: @beglamorousnails)

BoldAnother very trendy and bold statement shape, the coffin nail shape has become widely popular. Again, a defining characteristic of this shape is its sharply tapered sides, but this one ends with the tips filed into a square shape. It’s not for the faint of heart and will merit the use of acrylic or gel overlays for strength against breakage. (Nails by:

Classic - Round and square shapes are probably the most popular shapes due to their classic looks. Additionally, these shapes can be worn on natural nails of varying lengths. Some might choose to keep them on the shorter side if they type on a keyboard all day or have any kind of occupation that doesn’t allow for very long nails. Overall, they’re classic shapes for a reason, and that is they rarely go out of style. (Nails by: @casanailvaa)


Squoval As its name suggests, a “squoval” nail shape is a combination of an oval nail with a squared-off tip. This look is easy to pull off, works on natural nails as well as acrylics and gels, and you don’t need very long nails--a length that comes just past your fingertips when you flip your hand over is best.

ModernSo which shapes look the most modern? If you want a fresh new look, try an almond shape. It’s the slightly less extreme cousin of the stiletto. You’ll need nails on the longer side, and acrylic or gel overlays will be helpful to guard against breakage. Tips are filed into a narrow, somewhat pointed shape at the tips, resembling an almond. A ballerina shape is another more modern design; it mimics a pointe shoe and features a lot of curve to the nail bed as well as a squared-off point. This one requires a buildup of acrylic on the nail bed to achieve that curved foot-en-pointe ballerina look. (Nails by: @beglamorousnails)

With so many cool shapes and lengths in fashion today, you can really express yourself with different looks depending on what works for your lifestyle and what fits your personal style. Don’t forget if you’re doing your own nails or you’re a nail tech, Alpha Brush has every brush you’ll ever need to create all kinds of looks. 

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