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Spotlight: Cutie-cle Member Taylor-Dane Alexander

Alpha Brush

Posted on December 21 2020

Taylor-Dane Alexander, certified, by-appointment-only nail technician, is one of our Cutie-cle Team members here at Alpha Brush. Preferring her Oval Kolinsky #10 to other brushes, she creates amazing designs and has been doing so since 2014. Her salon and associated social media are called BeGlamorous Nails and the name is completely appropriate.

Taylor-Dane’s style is above and beyond, extremely glam, and each set of nails she does is unique. She puts her own signature skills into every manicure and her style is immediately recognizable.

Located in Trinidad & Tobago, this talented nail technician stays busy running her salon, posting tutorials and product reviews on her YouTube channel, showing fans “nailfies” and “nailspiration” on her Instagram, and generally being fabulous on socials.

If you’re interested in learning more about BeGlamorous Nails and Taylor-Dane’s techniques, new tutorials happen on her YouTube channel every Thursday. You can find even more tutorials and watch her work on her IGTVs. Finally, don’t miss out on her Facebook page where she posts her salon information and coupon codes! 

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