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Gel Brush Uses and Shapes

Alpha Brush

Posted on August 13 2019

We're always getting questions about our brush shapes and uses. We're here to give you an introduction to our gel brushes and what they can do!

Many gel brushes are synthetic, our brushes here at Alpha Brush are. They hold gel product very well due to how dense and firm the bristles are.

We have 3 types of Gel Brushes at Alpha Brush: Flat, Oval, and Short Oval Brushes. These brushes are all used for gel, but they each have different specialties.

Our Flat Brush is square at the tip and best for laying your gel and building up the nail.

Our Oval Brush is rounded at the tip and allows you to get into the tight spots of the nail bed/cuticle area. This brush is also easier for cleanup around the nail.

Our Short Oval shape gives you more control over where you’re placing your gel beads. This brush is also great for getting in small areas because it comes to a point. It can be used for sculpting as well!

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