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Nail and Cuticle Health During and After Acrylic Nails

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Posted on December 04 2020

A beautiful full set of acrylic nails with stunning nail art looks amazing and can be maintained for a long time, but what happens when the nails come off to allow your natural nails to “breathe?” Here we discuss some steps you can take to make sure your natural nails and cuticles stay healthy during and after acrylic nail application. 

Timing is everything
A good way to maintain cuticle and nail health with acrylic nails on is to make sure you don’t go too long between fills. If you let the nail grow out too much you run the risk of the acrylic nail lifting and allowing moisture to seep in between your natural nail and the acrylic, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and potential for a fungus or infection to develop.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Cuticles benefit greatly from moisturizer. Find a great cuticle oil or consider coconut oil or even olive oil if that’s what you have in your kitchen. Keeping your hands and fingers clean and moisturized is key to overal nail and cuticle health. Don’t bite or chew your cuticles. 

Address any loose skin with nippers and allow it to heal. Ask your nail tech (unless you are your own nail tech) not to trim your cuticles. They protect your nails and prevent infection. The trimmed cuticles can feel rough as they grow back and that can cause them to catch on your clothes or other materials which is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. 

Know your nails
How long is too long to keep acrylics on? If you notice that your natural nails are sensitive to acrylics and tend to become brittle and weak in between sets, you may want to consider letting your natural nails breathe without product for a couple of months instead of having continuous sets of acrylics or fills. Some people’s nails are sensitive to the chemicals used, and some people’s aren’t. A lot of people feel their natural nails are strengthened by wearing acrylics or getting gel manicures, and if that suits you, great. If not, it’s best to either wear acrylics for special occasions, or consider a gel nail manicure that’s less harsh on your natural nails. 

Rest and rejuvenate
Getting your natural nails healthy again after acrylics or during a break is relatively simple. Use a good nail strengthener. Keep your natural nails trimmed short; if they’re allowed to grow out while soft, brittle, or peeling you’ll have to keep starting over and it can be tempting to go right back to acrylics. Moisturize and keep your cuticles healthy with cuticle oil and resist the urge to trim them. If you want to maintain nail health throughout your life but still love acrylics, it’s necessary to take a break from time to time and show your natural nails some love. 

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