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Nail Health: MMA vs. EMA

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Posted on June 11 2019


Have you ever wondered why your nails are sore after getting them done? Or why your “acrylic” looks gooey when it’s being soaked off?

Sadly, your nail tech might not be using actual nail acrylic. They may be using something called, methyl methacrylate liquid monomers. This is more often referred to as Dental Acrylic.

If they aren’t using nail acrylic, run! Dental Acrylic can cause permanent damage to your nails, and not to mention it could cause you to lose feeling in your fingertips.

MMA has been made illegal and is banned in the nail industry, but due to the low cost, some nail techs will choose a budget friendly product, over your nail heath.

Here are a few warning signs that a nail technician may be using dental acrylic –

  • MMA has quite an odor. It almost smells fruity, and many times nail techs wear masks so they don’t inhale it.

  • If the product is stored in an unlabeled jar, it could mean they are trying to prevent the customer from seeing what product is being used.

  • Due to MMA being far less expensive than EMA, the cost of a new set may be drastically lower.

Be sure to ask your nail tech, what they’re using on your nails!


Left Photo by Crissy Sanders (@crissyshinednails)

Right Photo by Yazmin (@nailsbyyaz)

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