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What Can You Sculpt With A 3-D Kolinsky Brush?

Alpha Brush

Posted on March 05 2020

Are you ready to take your nail artistry to new dimensions? We’re here to introduce you to your new best friend, the 3-D Kolinsky Nail Art Brush. It’s guaranteed to outshine the others with detail and makes your 3-D art out of this world!

Flowers - The point of our brush is great for sketching out technical shapes, forming your foundation and sculpting every little detail in between. Using the belly of the brush, you can easily create perfect petals and leaves every time.  

Photo: @Longhairprettynails

Bows - The 3-D Kolinsky brush also works great for pleats, creases and swirls in bows! Our smaller 3-D Kolinsky Brushes, such as the #2, are ideal for those difficult details and other small areas.

Photo: @Allthatgiltterzispink

Unicorn Nails - Are you feeling magical?  The versatility of our 3-D Kolinsky brushes help you create whatever 3-D design you desire like theses whimsical unicorn nails!

Photo: @Beglamorousnails

Shell Nails - The short bristles of our 3-D Kolinsky brush combined with its precise tip will have others saying, “Beach, please!” The best part about our 3-D Kolinsky brushes is that they will ALWAYS retain its shape no matter what you use them for.


Ice Cream Nails - We really mean it when we say you can sculpt ANYTHING with our 3-D Kolinsky brush. Just try not to eat your delicious creations! 

 Photo: @Longhairprettynails

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